Our Partners over the years:

We are always very grateful to all our supporting partners who include organisations and individuals. Over the years we learnt the hardship of seeking and securing sponsorship. The fact remains - it does not get easier with the years. For the most of our successful partnerships it is always the personal involvement from a partner with the genuine interest in what we strive for that gets us that very valuable support.

VTB Capital and Petropavlovsk Plc are our two longest serving Partners. VTB Capital supported us from the very beginning in May 2007 whilst Petropavlovsk Plc stayed with us since 2008. We thank SCF Group for their three years of support (2012/13/14) that puts them in the league of our main partners.

Our recent trip to Saint-Peterburg for the 70th Anniversary of Victory in the Second World War has been supported by the following organisations and individuals with special support from the Committee for External Relations of Saint-Petersburg:

We thank the individuals for their support: Margaret Rowse, Barry Martin, Georgiy Voronin, Alena Novgorodova (Fyodor Uglov Fund), Keith Allan, Richard Wake-Walker, Pyotr Bakaev, David Scott, Alexander Filkine, Margarita Martynova, Alexander Kirianov, Maria Alifanova, Olga Koroleva and Anton Silkin.

In December 2014 we brought a group of Russian veterans to the UK for their first British Christmas experience. With unforgettable visits to Edinburgh, Inverness, Newcastle, London and Portsmouth, we would like to particularly thank the Avondale House and its residents on the Byker Estate in Newcastle which is a rehabilitation sanctuary for the veterans of recent wars and conflicts, for their hospitality on our Christmas Day. The Avondale House is a part of AF&V Launchpad charitable project. Our Christmas 2014 partners:

Particular thanks to: Mr. Georgiy Voronin, Captain Mike Mathews RN and the National Royal Navy Museum in Portsmouth. We thank the individuals for their support: Neil Cooper, John Metcalfe, Simon Janion, Ralph Land, Steven Landes, Rob Dykes, Alexey Goreslavskiy, Maxim Izotov, Egor Avdeev, Tatiana Nye, Elena Reid, Tracy Duguid, Alexey Kapkin, Gavin Melluish, David Wansbrough-Jones, Julia Prisenko, Peter Nickolds, Jon Romano, Joshua Hughes, Jane Broadbend.

The Christmas visit was reciprocal to the Russian hospitality that was experienced by nine British veterans and their family members 2014, at which time a memorial to the Memories of Arctic Convoys Sailors was unveiled in Saint-Petersburg on the 31st of August. All events in Russia were organised by the Saint-Petersburg regional organisation The Polar Convoy Club with support from the Committee for External Relations of Saint-Petersburg. Our partners for this unforgettable trip were:

Particular gratitude to: Mr. Georgiy Voronin. We thank the individuals and organisations for their support: Hon. Tim Lewin, The Russia House, British Airways and the Illuminating Life Foundation.

In the autumn of 2013, the Victory Day London project organised its first veterans trip to Russia when an Arctic Star Medal of Jimmy Pitts was presented to the Central Museum of Great Patriotic War in Moscow. Our Arctic Star partners:.

Particular gratitude to: the Deputy Director of the Central Museum of the Great Patriotic War Mikhail Mikhalchev and his team, without whose personal dedication and efforts the event would not have taken place! Barry Martin and Margaret Rowse of The Russia House Ltd, without whose personal support the event would not have taken place! Very special gratitude to Peter Hambro (Petropavlovsk Plc) for his hand of help! Sincere Thanks to Hon. Tim Lewin, Musa and Zalim Marshenkulov, Mikhail Rozin (Moscow), Igor Sukhanov (St. Petersburg), Luke Hanrahan (ITN), Dr. Robert Young (GMS Clinic), Elena Protcheva (MosPhotoCor), Sergey Alikhanov and Siberian Alliance Group.

We are grateful to the following organisations that have been joining and supporting us during previous years on various events:

We are grateful to all our media partners:

Our special gratitude is directed at the Imperial War Museum and HMS Belfast. The HMS Belfast former and current Directors Brad King and Phil Reed, Pusser's Brand Manager Peter Thornton and Russian Standard's Tatiana Petrakova are noted for their continuous support!

Last but not least, we would like to thank particularly Barry Martin and Margaret Rowse of The Russia House for their personal continued and dedicated support of the Victory Day London project.